Thursday, August 26, 2010


                       Sunflower  lollichoco RM2.00 /pc*


baby flower lollichoc Rm2.00/ pc*


                         Bee lollichoc RM2.00 /pc*

                           Butterfly lollichoc RM2.00 /pc*
                                           tortoise lollichoc RM2.00 /pc*

                                     Bear lollichoc  RM 2.00 /pc*

                                        Dolphin lollichoc RM 2.00 /pc*

                   Tulips lollichoc Rm 2.00 /pc*


                                         Simple flower lollichoc RM 1.50 /pc*

                       colour: white,green,purple,orange,yellow,pink,blue 


Disney lollichoc 

              Disney lollichoc RM 1.50/pc*
              (additional RM 0.10 / pc for ribbon )

                             mickey mouse
                             minnie mouse

                                                        daisy duck



                                       donald duck

Monday, August 23, 2010


Strawberry choco

love choco

Rose choco

Apple choco

RM 0.80/pc (plain)
            RM 0.90 /pc (with filling)

Ketupat choco  A

Ketupat  B
                                    RM 1.60 / box   (with 2 choco)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cartoon Choco

Upin Ipin

Power puff girls


sponge bob

RM 2 each.
The fillings are Oreo biscuits.
Email us for more details.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rose Chocolate

Rose choco
    RM 1.80 / box  (with 2 choco and filling) 
   RM1.60 / box (with 2 choco / no filling )

RM 0.80 /pc ( no filling)
RM0.90 / pc (with filling)

          filling: Strawberry , lemon , orange flavor      

Delicious as its name : )
It comes in a star shaped box for RM 7 (with 9 choco / no filling)
RM8 (with 9 choco and  filling)

Animal Choco

elephant choco

monkey choco

Bear choco

Lion choco 

RM 2 / pc
The fillings are Oreo biscuits.
Email us for more details.